i hate anatomy

I LOVE YOU! (fresh eggs) I LOVE YOU! (white eggs)


ask yourself:

when was the last time I watched the I Love Egg Song? 

the answer is “not recently enough”. watch the I Love Egg Song. it will make you happyyy


Its that time again….

one of my recommended blogs is literally just pictures of bongs etc. and im like ok but consider this: why

fuck.. whenever people sell those “”“”“indian feather headdresses”“”“” i get so mad…. thats like………. a store selling a fucking purple heart as a costume piece…….. im not an expert or anything but feathers are a Big Deal in a lot of fnmi cultures that have to be EARNED… theyre not simply worn as “funky fun decorations :-)”. when i earned a single eagle feather there was a big ceremony for me and plenty of other graduates at a pow wow. and if you dropped it it was considered a big offence and an insult to your ancestors and you might not get it back if an elder decided that your werent responsible or worthy enough to take care of it. so its like i just see these replica headdresses and feathers in fucking stores and i like hardcore :-//////////////


well dollskill was just taken off my list of all time favorite stores….